Tuesday, May 10, 2011

linear watch cum bookshelf

we all are quite used to seeing conventional radial watches on wall , which is damn boring and monotonous.linear watch is attempt to break the age old monotony and devise new way of looking time.Design has two distinct black and white portion where black denotes night and white represents the day.This is the watch which show elapsing time interm of blacken bar which motivates you to utilize time effectively.
upper portion of it has rack which hold the books.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


2000 USD car and what could be alternative usages of it, while we were discussing this somebody suggested that why cant we buy car and get them joined back to back. it will save all the pain while parking and taking reverse direction, just get down and start driving from other end.
after buying 2 car your expenses will remain much lower than buying any other car.
2000+2000+50=4050, 50 USD for getting it joined by towing end. your car will be having capacity of 10 people.
some of more use we could think of
. Get rid of doors and use as Indian auto rickshaw.
. Get big offroad tyres and use it for farming purpose.
. Connect as many as nano and you got the nano train.
many more to come..........

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The power of Crowd

crowd funding new in thing for entrepreneur, designer ,inventor or anybody who want to get fund for taking his/her project/start up/idea to the next level. crowd-funding is attention and trust by people who network and pool their money and other resources together, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.
At least sites such asKickstarter, Pledgemusic, RocketHub and My Major Company UK are perfect example of crowdfunding. They hold funds in an escrow account. If the nominated target isn't reached, all funds are returned to contributors
www.milliondollarhomepage.com the guy who sold pixel to finance his college study was a big hit on internet.
many small start up made really good start after envision.

and here is delite for all coffee lover as coffee bean shaped with temperature retaining  property.


Coffee Joulies were invented by two Daves who were neighbors and classmates in Pennington, New Jersey. Working from opposite coasts over the past eight months, they have conceived, engineered, prototyped, and hand-produced the first run of Coffee Joulies.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Stick it over- Concept for adhesive packaging


So many time we have seen small superglue tube which becomes useless after single use due to glue drying at nozzle tip ,either user has to dump that piece or he has to cut the plastic nozzle tip to use the remaining glue inside tube.

  hyperstick has specially designed nozzle tip which you can easily break for using glue next time .which saves the resources as well as very convenient.

Glue packaging with roller wheel which allows to be precise .it helps to apply glue in straight and uniformly because of wheel and flat tip deign.
flat tip also serve function of scrapping extra glue. its very simple to operate open the cap from flat tip put the flat tip and roller wheel on surface where adhesive need to be applied. (both should be touching the surface) press the container and roll the wheel. you will get very neat and straight glue applied over surface.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


     Brainstorming is one of best and easiest technique for idea generation.it is a group ideation  technique and it can be applied to any situation where quick and collaborative problem solving is required.In typical   Group consist : leader plus 5-15 members from diverse fields. 
           Leader: first outlines the problem, invites ideas from members. (S)he never leads in the expression of ideas. (S)he sees that the rules are observed and a free and easy atmosphere prevails 
            Procedure: The ideas are displayed, listed and passed on to members for further suggestions, if any. Then they are submitted for evaluation to another group of experts. The whole session up to 45 minutes
           Rules to be observed during the session:
         Members must shed their inhibitions: avoid rejecting ideas as absurd, stupid, embarrassing or false
         Members must not criticize ideas generated (killer phrases forbidden)
         Members encouraged to freely change, develop further or combine other ideas
         All ideas to be recorded and displayed, and practicality of ideas is ignored
         The wilder the idea, the better it is (easier to tone down wilder ideas than to improve mediocre ideas)
                   A case study 

                  problem statement- To separate spoiled egg and good egg from mixes
                                                  quickly & automatically

         We separate them by colour. A colour meter ought to be practical
         Emissivity or reflectivity – green one ought to have a higher reflectivity
         Hardness. We squeeze them – easy – or poke them
         Electrical conductivity
         Electrical resistance
         Size. Won’t the spoiled ones be smaller?
         Weight. The good ones will be heavier
         Size and weight together ought to correlate
         Size and weight is density
         Specific volume They must be mostly water –
         and have the specific volume of water
         Do they float or sink?
         May be that’s it – separate them by density –
         by whether they float or sink in water
         Would not have to be water – could be anything
         Non toxic
         X-Ray – , or something like that
         Odour, smell
         Sound – can you hear a tomato?
             Can egg hear?
             Heat – infrared radiation
             Thermal conductivity
             Specific heat
             Ability of a juggler to juggle them
             Just let a woman look at them – push a   button
             Statistically – check only every other one
             Just shake  – spoiled ones makes noise
             Blow air through as you shake
             Use random numbers – let 3’s and 7’s be spoiled egg

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Snail-Intelligent bluetooth headset

Snail is stylish headset , which is inspired from snail form . traditional form fused in modern look. color theme is wisely chosen so that is camaflauges with body.
headset has capability of recognizing others headset when it comes to at vicinity. .so when you are going out with your loved one dont forget to take snail pair with you .it will never get you lost.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 10 most innovative and design oriented companies


Design is like synonym for apple. Product like i pod, i mac, I phone and I pad made people delight and aspire to use which helped  apple in growing day by day.Steve job visionary leadership and designer Jonathon ive successfully created the belief of good product design in peoples mind.

Inventor james dyson founded the company when appliance major like hoover was leading the market and has monopoly in the sector.Dyson invented the technology called cyclone separator for vacuum cleaner. What dyson did was he miniaturized the industrial cyclone separator . He made around 5000 prototype and perfected the design then he went to japan and licensed his design to manufacturer. Now dyson has range of reliable product and good looking too.


           Alienware is an American computer hardware company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell, Inc. It mainly assembles third party components into desktops and laptops with custom enclosures for high-performance gaming. These products also support graphically intense applications such as video editing, simulation, and audio editing.Their hardware has distinctive "sci-fi" styling, typically including decorative lighting  The company products are also differentiated by their science-fiction based designs.


One of pioneer of emerging entertainment technology company .product like wii and 3DS are game changer for current trend.


Way back in 80s when sony created walkman it was new era started for miniaturization  and today sony is market leader in terms of design and technology

Microsoft-  Entering into product market for Microsoft wasn’t easy, failed product like
Zune made one more reason for cribbing , but launch of xbox and kinect reestablishes their faith .


Just two word  simple and timeless design, once bankrupt company made there entry in to market by design.


Technology safety and comfort , they have highest no of recent patent filed and
There product talk for itself.


Nobody is nearer to apples product as competition but if somebody insist to find one only HTC can. Minimal design and simple interaction of product  ,will one day lead company to the top hope so.


Patent filed by Nike is much more than  others. Design and technology application on footwear and apparel only nike can do it.

Novel sanwich material for noise cancellation

Test enclosure made of novel sandwich material

Noises from home appliance like mixer grinder are highly disturbing for small duration of time. The research presents development of an acoustical enclosure for a mixer grinder to reduce the noise emission. Noise from mixer grinder is mainly high frequency noises, which are strongly directional and more easily reflected. The enclosure uses polyurethane foam as noise absorbent material and the hard shell of acrylic outside reflects the noise. This in effect reduced the noise level by about 12.5 dB, which is significant and residual noise is minimal. The product developed has a door for accessing the mixer grinder and it seals the enclosed tight while in operation suing a magnetic gripper. This enclosures acoustical packing can be used for noise reduction of other noisy equipments as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garlic peeler

Garlic peeling is very tedious and time consuming job. Manual garlic peeling leaves smell on hand and after washing it doesn’t go easily. In typical usage scenario people follow two methods-

1. Using fingers –in these method people uses their fingers to remove the skin of garlic clove .process is initiated by loosening the garlic skin through Rubbing between hands. Fig 1 shows process of peeling followed.
2. Rubbing between pieces of tube - in these method people uses flexible rubber tube in which garlic clove is placed and by providing reciprocating motion above tube extract the garlic skin. Fig 2 shows how rubber tube used for skin removal.

The garlic peeler is attachment of normal mixer and grinder and it peels garlic clove without damaging it.
after peeling just pour water inside jar and all skin of garlic will floatout.
product  has patent pending status and completely ready for commercialisation stage.
and we are looking for licensing this product to manufacturer.


                                      children playstation made of newpaper
Daily newspaper comes to every household and just after one use it becomes waste.
As per recent data only 70% newspaper reach to recycling station  rest of that ends up
as waste and landfill.
Paper by its nature is  versatile product that is subject to a variety of performance demands. Dimensional Stability most of the fiber in paper sheet are aligned in the machine run direction
it has good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Size of news paper 76cm*56cm.
Density 0.61-0.69 g/cc (source:www.paperonweb.com )
Tensile strength ( along the grain and across the grain)

Different process hasbeen tried on newspaper to enhancing the properties of newspaper
which resulted in various kind great result

laminates and roll of newspaper after processing
Various method for enhancing properties of newspaper laminate
Different types of resin is that can be used for binding of papers.
Different pattern of gluing.
Orientation of paper .
Making sandwich structure.
Using polythene,polyester cloth as strengthening agents.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Design exploration leads towards ideal solution

Typical design scenario there is kind of product specification which need to be addressed in form of various concepts. Each concept is evaluated in terms of various design criteria which satisfy initial product specification set. Often during NPD process people tend to forget there initial product specification and carried away by concept flow.Thus need of concrete problem statement arises, stating problem correctly is 50% job done.
while design exploration you need to play around your requirement and based on criteria you choose your solution. this are some of example sheet of design exploration of consumer electronics.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to expect from CES 2011

On pre evening of great show at CES at Vegas every body is wondering what could be highlight of this year show,though people are disappointing about APPLE not participating the event.

WAR of tablets-
 i Pad success, the tablet market has been validated, and countless companies will attempt to make a splash in this market and become true competitors to Apple’s wildly popular device.The top tablet to you should watch for this year is Motorola’s Android tablet, which will be the first device to run the Android 3.0 OS, called “Honeycomb.” It’s not the only Android tablet that will make its debut this week either. We expect a 10.1-inch tablet from Toshiba and an 8-inch device from Vizio.
 Android will dominate the tablet market this year, we also  expect to see some Windows-based tablets.

3D TV and more internet enabled TV-
Already last year we saw some great show from giant like samsung , sony and LG. This year also we expect
 more of 3D tv and internet enabled tv from maker.
 Google TV, Apple TV, Roku and other connected TV solutions are in buzz, the market for Internet-enabled TVs has never been bigger. While we don’t expect many Google TV devices at this year’s CES,

 Rush on MOBILE PHONE  market-      
 the HTC Thunderbolt already created buzz this month, which will have the distinction of being the first LTE phone on the Verizon network. It’s a 4.3-inch monster of a phone, but we still don’t know all the specs. That will change this week.
Other devices to watch for: The HTC Evo Shift 4G, the LG Optimus 2X and even Motorola’s Android Honeycomb tablet, which will also feature 4G connectivity.

lets keep on watch for tomorrow what novel unique we will see this year.