Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garlic peeler

Garlic peeling is very tedious and time consuming job. Manual garlic peeling leaves smell on hand and after washing it doesn’t go easily. In typical usage scenario people follow two methods-

1. Using fingers –in these method people uses their fingers to remove the skin of garlic clove .process is initiated by loosening the garlic skin through Rubbing between hands. Fig 1 shows process of peeling followed.
2. Rubbing between pieces of tube - in these method people uses flexible rubber tube in which garlic clove is placed and by providing reciprocating motion above tube extract the garlic skin. Fig 2 shows how rubber tube used for skin removal.

The garlic peeler is attachment of normal mixer and grinder and it peels garlic clove without damaging it.
after peeling just pour water inside jar and all skin of garlic will floatout.
product  has patent pending status and completely ready for commercialisation stage.
and we are looking for licensing this product to manufacturer.

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