Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Perfect Shape for The Perfect Water

Designer- Yogesh Kumar
Aqua Carpatica is a top premium product with the naturally sparkling natural mineral water.The brand is to be launched on the market in 2010.
The exclusive market of mineral waters is a narrow one, aiming the connoisseurs, who are turning the mineral water consumption into an art. The specific locations are exclusive four star restaurants, specialized water bars, exclusive high class locations, where water is treated more like wine and its taste is highly valued.The most prestigious brands on this market are: Bling, Ogo, Voss, Ty Nant, Tau, Elsenham,Ramlosa, Apollinaris, Saint Georges, Hildon etc.
Design is inspired from flower carpatica which is found in abundance in carpatica mountains.
Material- bottle is made of semi transparent glass and cap is formed sheet metal with brushed steel finish, cap has suitable gasket which will be screwed to glass bottle neck.Production of this bottle is very easy and product is recyclable.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MYbox- pocket netbook and social networking device

Designer - Yogesh Kumar
MYbox is tiny pocket sized netbook and social networking device which is designed for people who want to get connected anytime from anywhere to there social community. Device has QWERTY keyboard  to have feel of PC ,It has high speed Wi-Fi connection and bluetooth to enable quick data transfer.Thin clamshell design makes it ergonomic to use and compact in size. MYbox also function as GSM device .It has widget based navigation  which makes it very easy and fast to get connected.


Technique is structured approach to concept generation to widen the area of search for solutions to a defined design problem. Can help the team generate a complete range of alternative design solutions for a product through a systematic analysis of the form/configuration that a product or machine might take.
A morphological chart is a visual way to capture the necessary product functionality and explore alternative means and combinations of achieving that functionality. For each element of product function, there may be a number of possible solutions. The chart enables these solutions to be expressed and provides a structure for considering alternative combinations. This can enable the early consideration of the product 'architecture' through the generation and consideration of different combinations of 'sub-solutions' that have not previously been identified. Used appropriately, it can help to encourage a user driven approach to the generation of potential solution.\

  • List product functions.
  • List the possible 'means' for each function.
  • Chart functions and means & explore combinations

Chart gives various no. of alternative solution for the problem. choose each alternative evaluate them on
 your design criteria. and now you have got the pefect solution.

Friday, April 23, 2010

USD 20 water purifier from TATA

Mr. Ratan N Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons said: “Safe drinking water is the most basic of human needs. The social cost of water contamination is already enormous and increases every year. Although today’s announcement is about giving millions more people affordable access to safe water, it is an important step in the long term strategy to find a solution to provide affordable access to safe water for all.”
‘Tata Swach®’, is the result of years of collaboration between several Tata companies, including TCS, Tata Chemicals and Titan. Based on an innovative concept developed by the TCS Innovation Labs - TRDDC, the Swach technology combines low-cost ingredients such as rice husk ash with superior nano – technology. The efficiency of the product has been rigorously tested to meet internationally accepted water purification standards.
Water-borne disease is the single greatest threat to global health, with diarrhea, jaundice, typhoid, cholera, polio, and gastroenteritis spread by contaminated water. According to a 2007 United Nations report, half of the world’s hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from water-borne diseases. In India, such diseases cause more than 1.5 times the deaths caused by AIDS and double the deaths caused by road accidents.
Built around a bulb-like water purifier made of natural elements like rice husk ash impregnated with nano-silver particles, ‘Tata Swach®’ is convenient to use. It produces clean and safe water without using electric power or running water, which is often not available in rural areas. The cartridge bulb is packed with a purification medium which has the capability to kill bacteria and disease causing organisms. It can purify up to 3000 litres of water after which the cartridge stops water flow. The water purifier gives the user enough lead time for cartridge replacement. Fourteen patents have been filed for the technology and product.


VOLTAIC solar bags for all your handheld gadget charging

Voltaic solar bags charge virtually all handheld electronics. The Generator also charges laptops.
Powerful Solar Panels: Tough, lightweight, waterproof solar panels are embedded in each bag. The panels use high-efficiency mono-cristalline cells to charge devices fast. The Backpack, Converter and Messenger produce 4 Watts, meaning 1 hour in the sun will power 3 hours of iPod play time or 1.5 hours of cell phone talk time.The Generator produces 15 Watts, powerful enough to extend laptop runtime by 2-4 hours from five hours of direct sun.Battery Included: All Voltaic bags come with a removeable battery pack which stores any surplus power generated, so you have power whenever and wherever you need it - not just when the sun is up. The battery can also be charged using the USB cable and the optional AC travel or car charger.
All bags include standard adapters for common cell phones and other handheld devices. The Generator also includes common laptop adapters.
Voltaic bags use fabrics made from recycled PET i.e. soda bottles. Recycled PET fabric is light weight, extremely durable, UV resistant and water resistant. It even looks better than the nylon it replaced. Most importantly, it uses significantly less energy to produce and creates demand for recycled materials.

company :

Thursday, April 22, 2010

EcoCradle™ natural green packaging

EcoCradle™is material to compete with expanded polystyrene without ecological or economic compromises. EcoCradle™ is at the forefront of the bio-based materials revolution and it shows. EcoCradle™'s distinctive appearance speaks to its roots, with each unit showing the silhouettes of the seed husks we use.

Ecovative Design is a company located in Green Island New York dedicated to solving the problems that styrofoam creates in our environment by developing compostable solutions. Their two flagship products, Ecocradle and Greensulate replace styrofoam packaging you might find around your computer or TV set and insulation you might otherwise be using in the walls of your home.

Ecovative's solutions use a combination of mushroom roots "mycelium" and local feedstock (which means in can be made on site anywhere in the world, further reducing the impact of transportation in use). This might include cotton gin trash, buckwheat hulls or hazelnut husks. The end result is a direct replacement for styrofoam that can be created without using any petroleum, electricity or heat but offers the same thermal and physical properties as styrofoam.

One unit of this biocomposit requires ten times less CO2 and eight times less energy than the same volume of styrofoam. In the world of products helping to make a material difference this is an outstanding step forward and worth considering for any business that ships products or home owner considering insulation options.

VoiceTap connects you with experts to get answers

Voicetap is a platform that connects the knowledge seekers to the knowledge experts. To put it simply, Voicetap aims to solve all your queries by connecting you to the best available expert who can answer your queries.
You can make use of this service through your mobile phone or over the web through Gtalk or VOIP.
On Gtalk – you will have to add ’ Getafixx ( ’ on your buddy list. You can then describe your query to ’Getafixx’ which will then show the list of top 5 available experts. You can then choose to chat with one of those top 5 experts based on their profiles that will also be displayed to you, and they will help solve your knowledge query.
Using net telephony (Voice over IP) – you will have to install the Voicetap VoIP software from here. After installation, you can search the Voicetap database from the soft phone itself. Once the results are displayed to you in the soft phone – you just have to double click on the name / profile and Voicetap will connect you to the chosen expert, who will assist you with your knowledge query.
Voicetap was founded in March 2009 by Mrigank Tripathi, Devanshu Pandey and Vivek Khandelwal.

The idea was conceptualized by Mrigank, and it came to him when his niece wasn't able to find anyone to talk to,
who could tell her about the various options that exist for college. With more than 500 Million mobile subscribers in
India alone, the irony of the situation was not lost.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

PHOENIX- Retrostyled ctv design

Designer- Yogesh Kumar
Global LCD TV sales have overtaken those of TVs based on Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology for the first time ever, according to statistics from market watcher DisplaySearch. CRT’s demise is natural and that LCD is the obvious replacement because it’s “the only other technology that extends down in screen size to less than 20in”.PHOENIX is retro styled ctv designed as special edition series.
Conventional ctv form is merged with chrome finished stand design gives stunning looks. PHOENIX is not yet in production but designer hopes it will commercialised soon.

DHAMA INNOVATION- climate controlled clothing

Hyderabad-based Dhama Apparel Innovations Pvt Ltd (DAIPL). Dhama’s patented technology provides heating / cooling solutions to people living and working in difficult climatic environments.Founded by Kranthi Kiran Vistakula in January 2008 and currently based out of National Design Business Incubator at National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, the company has received both Phase I and Phase II grant from Technopreneur Promotion Programme from Indian Government’s Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR) to develop and commercialise the products with ClimaCon technology.Dhama plans to use the funds raised to increase their sales and marketing capabilities worldwide and towards product innovation. The technology is of immense use to military personnel, outdoor / industry workers and sports enthusiasts.
The company’s current line of products includes ClimaGear, a jacket/vest, ClimaNeck, a neck accessory and ClimaMet, an helmet. These products are embedded with ClimaCon technology developed by DAIPL. This technology allows the wearer to select the choice of temperature he/she wants to feel, thereby allowing the wearer to adjust to harsh environments without added stress, discomfort, health problems, and reduced productivity. It's products are developed to supplements the human body’s thermal regulation by not obstructing sweat evaporation.According to Vistakula, founder and CEO, Dhama Apparel said, "We will workd towards aggressively expanding our footprint in India and overseas. We plan to be in the forefront of innovation and increase our presence in the defense, industrial and sports sector." The company's ClimaCon technology is superior to all existing technologies such as phase change or vapor compression due to its active and lightweight components. DAIPL products are targeted towards personnel working and living in extreme heat, which may cause adverse effects on the human body. Dhama’s patented technology has won the prestigious Gold Medal at Lockheed Martin’s Innovator’s competition in 2008, first prize winner in the India Innovation Pioneer’s Challenge, Champion of Champions category in 2008 and MIT USD 1K Business Plan Competition in 2005.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TORNADO- Body moisture remover

Going out for work in rainy season is very annoying. Most of places in America, Europe and Asia has prolonged rainy season. Although people carry umbrella in rainy season they get partially wet and wearing moist cloth is very uncomfortable. People who are daily office goers have to stay at work with moist cloth all day. People who goes for shopping in mall or out often encounter with this situation.
Tornado is body moisture remover. Tornado sprays high velocity worm air which removes the moisture from partially wet cloth. Tornado has array of small jets which can spray air up to 55 degree Celsius at velocity of 100 mph. Worm air stream can take away moisture within 15 seconds. Air stream cover all side of body part so that complete drying is achieved. This system can be installed at corporate office, multiplexes, and shopping centers, airport etc.
Cylindrical body of TORNADO is made of transparent polycarbonate material and rest part of it is made of ABS plastic. Floor of TORNADO has rotary compressor for high velocity air stream. Air is first preheated and then passes through rotary compressor and compressed air is released through fine arrays of mesh. Temperature of air jet can be controlled by sensor for comfortable drying. Tornado is designed by yogesh kumar baghel mumbai based industrial designer and he hopes to commercialise the product in near future.

ToucHb is a portable, non-invasive hemoglobin estimation device

Every minute a women dies as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. The loss of 500,000 women a year is tragic, as it is preventable with the right technology tools. Nearly 40% of maternal deaths are directly and indirectly attributed to anaemia. A major root cause why anaemia goes untreated is the lack of healthcare infrastructure and diagnostic facilities or doctors at remote rural locations in the developing world. Prevalence Iron deficiency anaemia is one of the most prevalent nutritional deficiencies in the world (WHO)and affects a billion people worldwide. Iron demand in pregnancy and growth is high, so pregnant women and children are most seriously affected by anaemia. In India, anaemia contributes to around 40% of maternal deaths a year (Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR): 301 deaths per 100000 live births). In view of the high prevalence of moderate and severe anaemia (21.1%) in this group and the fact that many of them get married early, conceive, and face the problems associated with anaemia in pregnancy, it is imperative to screen them for anaemia and monitor their treatment.”
With severe anaemia in advanced pregnancy (Hb <6.5g/dl), product is developed by Mumbai based company BIOSENSE TECHNOLOGIES .With ToucHb, a non-invasive hemoglobin estimation device in the hands of every doorstep health-care worker, they aim to shift the paradigm of anaemia surveillance and drastically reduce the number of deaths occurring due to anaemia that is close to 1 million per year at the moment.ToucHb is a portable, non-invasive (does not require a finger prick), hemoglobin estimation device that does not require a special skill to operate. ToucHb can prove to be a pertinent diagnostic solution in anaemia screening and monitoring.

MITRA solar pc which can revolutionize the life of people living in rural areas of India.

 MITRA Solar powered Micro pc for Indian rural India
MITRA is PC concept that can revolutionize the life of people living in rural areas of India. “MITRA” which means “friend” in Hindi, is a solar-powered mini-PC can be used for online teaching, online medical help and online help for rural Indian farmers.

The PC has a small LCD display that rolls out of the main body. However, if the PC has to be used for a presentation, the built-in LED projector will help you do that too. Along with Wi-Fi connectivity and an onboard storage battery, the PC could be used as a portable energy-efficient notebook computer.

For charging the system depends on solar panels, which are incorporated on the outer body of the PC and if the sun isn’t shining the PC can also be recharged via a hand crank.

Form of PC is inspired from battery torch which is cylindrical in shape. This particular form makes is easy to carry and use. This also suits rural environment.

MITRA cylindrical form provides ruggedness and protect from getting damage.
MITRA has inbuilt scanner which is used for taking picture and through wireless network sent to centralized system. MITRA central core is pack with high duty energy efficient battery pack, battery can also be charged using hand crank. (For using 30 min. user has to rotate crank almost 30 times)
Outer body of PC is solar panel which also charges the battery continuously
Innovative styling and usable form makes it suitable for Indian scenario.
In India any social body or govt. can provide this PC to rural people, centralize service
For instant help will also be managed by them.

Scenario 1 (online teaching)
In rural Indian school there is lack of teaching resources and infrastructure. Many schools have only one or two teacher for 100-200 students and teaching standard differs school to school.
MITRA is micro pc having wireless network connected with online teaching support.
Teacher can access the study material and can teach the students with help of LED projector. This will tremendously enhance the rural school teaching experience in limited resources and level of education will standardize all across rural schools.

MITRA has in built LED projector which can project online content into class room.
Online content will supply by authorized body such that standardization of education will happen. This will also relieves burden from limited rural Indian teachers.

Scenerio2 (online medical treatment for rural India)

In rural areas healthcare is one of the biggest problem. Typical Rural hospital have only basic kind of treatment facility, one has to travel nearby city to avail better medical facility.
In typical scenario one doctor handles 10 to 20 village, Rural Indian doctor are lower in proficiency level, so using MITRA they can take help from doctor on other side who is expert doctor.

Online medical help from doctor who is seated at USA for rural Indian patient will be possible by MITRA, LED projector will scan the disease in form of the picture and it will send the data to expert doctors who are miles away then they can diagnose and treat further.

MITRA has inbuilt scanner and video camera for scanning. LED projector act as torch light for doctor’s inspection.

Scenario 3(online help for rural farmer)

Online agriculture information for Indian rural former who is not aware of latest technology and various crop deceases.
Former scan the crop disease, soil, etc and send it to residential scientist for quick help.