Sunday, April 26, 2015

3D printed virtual reality headset

virtual reality headset based on google cardboard is designed and printed with da vinci 3d printer.
25 mm diameter lenses and pair of magnets is similar which are used in google cardboard.
right side has slot for mobile phone insertion and left side has slot for headphone exit
this headset can accommodate most of phone size varying from 4.7 to 6 inches screen sizes.
enjoy all app for google cardboard and vr cinema in this device and be awesome 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My first cardboard furniture

I had this washing machine packaging lying around in my room for 
long time. So i decided to make something usefull out of it. I started
with thinking of some ideas.

Total time taken for this project was 3 hour.

                           Washing machine packaging

                                       Some rough ideas

                                        Some basic tools

                                  Hard cardboard (L section)

                                           Basic framework

                                       Started assembling

                                       Some more pain

                                        At last completed

                       Started working on my work station

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Segmenter-The tireless bicycle

Segmenter is tireless bike which is puncture proof and economical. bicycle is designed for affordability and low maintenance. It has molded plastic wheel with rubber shoe on contact surface and it is designed in way that it gives shock absorbing feel to rider.
single wooden frame connects front and rear wheel and makes this bicycle very affordable.

Monday, September 1, 2014

10 Other uses of motor bike.

1. Generate electricity
You need one suitable motor which will convert mechanical energy of rear wheel to electricity.

2. Lighting
You can use 35 watt of light bulb for lighting purpose with running engine.
You can also use motor bikes battery , In that case you have to use LED lights.

3. Knife sharpener
Roll sand paper strip on wheel as shown in picture.

4. Wood working lathe
You can run simple makeshift wooden lathe. In rural places people uses bicycle for this purpose.

5. Water bike
Two rubber tube connected with motor bike can enable you to ride on water. 

6. Agriculture
Motor bike can also be used in agriculture purpose, specially in ploughing operation.

7. Water Pump
Pump can be directly connected to rear wheel .

8. Measurement
Motor bike speedometer can be used for measuring distances (suitable for long distances)
If you need accurate and small distance measurement then stick one small bright patch on wheel and count number of rotations. 3.14 x Dia of wheel x No of rotation will give you exact length.

9.  Run washing machine
In washing machine washing drum is driven by pulley underneath. You can connect this with  motor bikes rear wheel rim.

10. Grass cutter
Simple attachment can turn motor bike to very efficient grass cutting machine.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Survival tools for bikers

last week I was travelling to some place. Road condition was very bad .
Got rear wheel punctured and I was stranded in middle of nowhere.
Nearest mechanics was around 4-5 km away.
So I left my bike and took a auto rickshaw to bring mechanic.
Rickshaw driver told me that he can help me out and he pushes my bike using his left leg while driving rickshaw, and I was saved.
Today I brainstormed about the problem and found some of typical problem faced by biker .

1. Puncture
Driving with flat tire is very difficult because tire is very loose and tend to move right or left.
Tie down tire with rim at multiple places using thin ribbon or thin rope
Doing this you will be able to drive at slow speed for at least 3 -5 km.

2.If nearest help is more than 10 km then use this method.
Open your toolkit and remove punctured wheel  and feel the tire with some soft material like leaves
you can also use sand if its there.
Doing this you can at least get out from the situation.

3. If you have tubeless tire then carry puncture kit with you.
In tubeless punctured wheel air doesn't easily gets out. if some pin or nail is there don't try to remove it. By removing this you will let air pass from the tire.
Some time tire really get full flat.
There is tool for filling tire with air using bike engine. Tool is simple pipe which connects your engine with tires valve. In engine you have to remove sparkplug and connect one end of pipe to spark plug hole and crank the engine .Don't forgot to shut petrol valve.

Battery weak ( self start is not working)

1. Some times due to carbon deposition on switch  it doesn't get contacts made.
Put some petrol drop on it and rub.
2.Try  to bypass relay using very thick conductive wire.
This can harm your battery so try this only when there is no option.
3. Use thin and flat ribbon  to roll over tire as shown in picture
and pull one end this will rotate your rear wheel and crank your engine.
(Put bike on first or second gear)

4. If you know your bike has week battery always park bike at high hill.
Then you can start your bike while going down.
(Put on second gear and  release clutch.)
5. lie down your bike and use other bike to rotate your bikes wheel.

NO petrol
1.Use small bottle of petrol in your toolkit.
2.Small amount of petrol always stay in tank. Tilting your bike may help you out.
3.Put small sponge inside your petrol tank. Sponge will retain some petrol even if tank petrol is over.
 Squeeze out remaining petrol .

You have no lock for helmet.

1.Put one end of chin strap of helmet inside tank hole and lock it
2.You can use your sheet lock too for locking helmet.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Designing for video and broadcast industry

Video and Broadcast industry one of specific requirement is to reduce learning time of operator or editor
All devices available are very complex and requires experienced person to work on it.secondary market like small video and broadcast  editing solution provider They require very specific kind of product with limited capability yet this system should be compact , rugged and easy to operate
Generally This kind of system takes input from multiple video camera and live editing and switching is done .
The challenges to design this kind of system are
1.To maintain the video quality throughout  the editing
2.Time lag reduction to acceptable range
3.Access ease and easy to learn.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Two wheeler needs shade

In India large number of population uses two wheeler for transportation. it has been experienced huge discomfort driving two wheeler in rainy season or scorching summer season. one of effort was made by BMW
c1 toward solving this problem, the first version c1 was quite hit because of novelty value though second version of it wasn't able to impress the consumer.
one of major issue involves with enclosed two wheeler is safety and usability. Making safe design accounting mishap is a huge task.
Rain protection in possible only if it is fully enclosed but you have to keep provision for leg support on both side also this protection has to be fully dynamically stable at least till 35 kmph to be acceptable.
some of tried version of enclosed two wheeler has side support wheel to provide stability while slow speed.
but these are extremely expensive arrangement ,lets see how much indian consumer can shell out for similar solution.
cost of indian two wheeler- 35000 to 120000 INR
four wheeler price-              150000 to ...above
second hand four wheeler     80000 to above
by seeing above data i can easily say one can not be able to shell out more than 20000 INR.
solving this one need to look whole spectrum of problem , legality, safety ,usability then only it is possible to satisfy consumer

3D printed virtual reality headset