Wednesday, February 16, 2011


                                      children playstation made of newpaper
Daily newspaper comes to every household and just after one use it becomes waste.
As per recent data only 70% newspaper reach to recycling station  rest of that ends up
as waste and landfill.
Paper by its nature is  versatile product that is subject to a variety of performance demands. Dimensional Stability most of the fiber in paper sheet are aligned in the machine run direction
it has good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Size of news paper 76cm*56cm.
Density 0.61-0.69 g/cc ( )
Tensile strength ( along the grain and across the grain)

Different process hasbeen tried on newspaper to enhancing the properties of newspaper
which resulted in various kind great result

laminates and roll of newspaper after processing
Various method for enhancing properties of newspaper laminate
Different types of resin is that can be used for binding of papers.
Different pattern of gluing.
Orientation of paper .
Making sandwich structure.
Using polythene,polyester cloth as strengthening agents.

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