Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Novel sanwich material for noise cancellation

Test enclosure made of novel sandwich material

Noises from home appliance like mixer grinder are highly disturbing for small duration of time. The research presents development of an acoustical enclosure for a mixer grinder to reduce the noise emission. Noise from mixer grinder is mainly high frequency noises, which are strongly directional and more easily reflected. The enclosure uses polyurethane foam as noise absorbent material and the hard shell of acrylic outside reflects the noise. This in effect reduced the noise level by about 12.5 dB, which is significant and residual noise is minimal. The product developed has a door for accessing the mixer grinder and it seals the enclosed tight while in operation suing a magnetic gripper. This enclosures acoustical packing can be used for noise reduction of other noisy equipments as well.

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