Monday, February 28, 2011

some of cult brands in high performance PC system

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 10 most innovative and design oriented companies


Design is like synonym for apple. Product like i pod, i mac, I phone and I pad made people delight and aspire to use which helped  apple in growing day by day.Steve job visionary leadership and designer Jonathon ive successfully created the belief of good product design in peoples mind.

Inventor james dyson founded the company when appliance major like hoover was leading the market and has monopoly in the sector.Dyson invented the technology called cyclone separator for vacuum cleaner. What dyson did was he miniaturized the industrial cyclone separator . He made around 5000 prototype and perfected the design then he went to japan and licensed his design to manufacturer. Now dyson has range of reliable product and good looking too.


           Alienware is an American computer hardware company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Dell, Inc. It mainly assembles third party components into desktops and laptops with custom enclosures for high-performance gaming. These products also support graphically intense applications such as video editing, simulation, and audio editing.Their hardware has distinctive "sci-fi" styling, typically including decorative lighting  The company products are also differentiated by their science-fiction based designs.


One of pioneer of emerging entertainment technology company .product like wii and 3DS are game changer for current trend.


Way back in 80s when sony created walkman it was new era started for miniaturization  and today sony is market leader in terms of design and technology

Microsoft-  Entering into product market for Microsoft wasn’t easy, failed product like
Zune made one more reason for cribbing , but launch of xbox and kinect reestablishes their faith .


Just two word  simple and timeless design, once bankrupt company made there entry in to market by design.


Technology safety and comfort , they have highest no of recent patent filed and
There product talk for itself.


Nobody is nearer to apples product as competition but if somebody insist to find one only HTC can. Minimal design and simple interaction of product  ,will one day lead company to the top hope so.


Patent filed by Nike is much more than  others. Design and technology application on footwear and apparel only nike can do it.

Novel sanwich material for noise cancellation

Test enclosure made of novel sandwich material

Noises from home appliance like mixer grinder are highly disturbing for small duration of time. The research presents development of an acoustical enclosure for a mixer grinder to reduce the noise emission. Noise from mixer grinder is mainly high frequency noises, which are strongly directional and more easily reflected. The enclosure uses polyurethane foam as noise absorbent material and the hard shell of acrylic outside reflects the noise. This in effect reduced the noise level by about 12.5 dB, which is significant and residual noise is minimal. The product developed has a door for accessing the mixer grinder and it seals the enclosed tight while in operation suing a magnetic gripper. This enclosures acoustical packing can be used for noise reduction of other noisy equipments as well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Garlic peeler

Garlic peeling is very tedious and time consuming job. Manual garlic peeling leaves smell on hand and after washing it doesn’t go easily. In typical usage scenario people follow two methods-

1. Using fingers –in these method people uses their fingers to remove the skin of garlic clove .process is initiated by loosening the garlic skin through Rubbing between hands. Fig 1 shows process of peeling followed.
2. Rubbing between pieces of tube - in these method people uses flexible rubber tube in which garlic clove is placed and by providing reciprocating motion above tube extract the garlic skin. Fig 2 shows how rubber tube used for skin removal.

The garlic peeler is attachment of normal mixer and grinder and it peels garlic clove without damaging it.
after peeling just pour water inside jar and all skin of garlic will floatout.
product  has patent pending status and completely ready for commercialisation stage.
and we are looking for licensing this product to manufacturer.


                                      children playstation made of newpaper
Daily newspaper comes to every household and just after one use it becomes waste.
As per recent data only 70% newspaper reach to recycling station  rest of that ends up
as waste and landfill.
Paper by its nature is  versatile product that is subject to a variety of performance demands. Dimensional Stability most of the fiber in paper sheet are aligned in the machine run direction
it has good thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Size of news paper 76cm*56cm.
Density 0.61-0.69 g/cc ( )
Tensile strength ( along the grain and across the grain)

Different process hasbeen tried on newspaper to enhancing the properties of newspaper
which resulted in various kind great result

laminates and roll of newspaper after processing
Various method for enhancing properties of newspaper laminate
Different types of resin is that can be used for binding of papers.
Different pattern of gluing.
Orientation of paper .
Making sandwich structure.
Using polythene,polyester cloth as strengthening agents.