Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TORNADO- Body moisture remover

Going out for work in rainy season is very annoying. Most of places in America, Europe and Asia has prolonged rainy season. Although people carry umbrella in rainy season they get partially wet and wearing moist cloth is very uncomfortable. People who are daily office goers have to stay at work with moist cloth all day. People who goes for shopping in mall or out often encounter with this situation.
Tornado is body moisture remover. Tornado sprays high velocity worm air which removes the moisture from partially wet cloth. Tornado has array of small jets which can spray air up to 55 degree Celsius at velocity of 100 mph. Worm air stream can take away moisture within 15 seconds. Air stream cover all side of body part so that complete drying is achieved. This system can be installed at corporate office, multiplexes, and shopping centers, airport etc.
Cylindrical body of TORNADO is made of transparent polycarbonate material and rest part of it is made of ABS plastic. Floor of TORNADO has rotary compressor for high velocity air stream. Air is first preheated and then passes through rotary compressor and compressed air is released through fine arrays of mesh. Temperature of air jet can be controlled by sensor for comfortable drying. Tornado is designed by yogesh kumar baghel mumbai based industrial designer and he hopes to commercialise the product in near future.

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