Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MITRA solar pc which can revolutionize the life of people living in rural areas of India.

 MITRA Solar powered Micro pc for Indian rural India
MITRA is PC concept that can revolutionize the life of people living in rural areas of India. “MITRA” which means “friend” in Hindi, is a solar-powered mini-PC can be used for online teaching, online medical help and online help for rural Indian farmers.

The PC has a small LCD display that rolls out of the main body. However, if the PC has to be used for a presentation, the built-in LED projector will help you do that too. Along with Wi-Fi connectivity and an onboard storage battery, the PC could be used as a portable energy-efficient notebook computer.

For charging the system depends on solar panels, which are incorporated on the outer body of the PC and if the sun isn’t shining the PC can also be recharged via a hand crank.

Form of PC is inspired from battery torch which is cylindrical in shape. This particular form makes is easy to carry and use. This also suits rural environment.

MITRA cylindrical form provides ruggedness and protect from getting damage.
MITRA has inbuilt scanner which is used for taking picture and through wireless network sent to centralized system. MITRA central core is pack with high duty energy efficient battery pack, battery can also be charged using hand crank. (For using 30 min. user has to rotate crank almost 30 times)
Outer body of PC is solar panel which also charges the battery continuously
Innovative styling and usable form makes it suitable for Indian scenario.
In India any social body or govt. can provide this PC to rural people, centralize service
For instant help will also be managed by them.

Scenario 1 (online teaching)
In rural Indian school there is lack of teaching resources and infrastructure. Many schools have only one or two teacher for 100-200 students and teaching standard differs school to school.
MITRA is micro pc having wireless network connected with online teaching support.
Teacher can access the study material and can teach the students with help of LED projector. This will tremendously enhance the rural school teaching experience in limited resources and level of education will standardize all across rural schools.

MITRA has in built LED projector which can project online content into class room.
Online content will supply by authorized body such that standardization of education will happen. This will also relieves burden from limited rural Indian teachers.

Scenerio2 (online medical treatment for rural India)

In rural areas healthcare is one of the biggest problem. Typical Rural hospital have only basic kind of treatment facility, one has to travel nearby city to avail better medical facility.
In typical scenario one doctor handles 10 to 20 village, Rural Indian doctor are lower in proficiency level, so using MITRA they can take help from doctor on other side who is expert doctor.

Online medical help from doctor who is seated at USA for rural Indian patient will be possible by MITRA, LED projector will scan the disease in form of the picture and it will send the data to expert doctors who are miles away then they can diagnose and treat further.

MITRA has inbuilt scanner and video camera for scanning. LED projector act as torch light for doctor’s inspection.

Scenario 3(online help for rural farmer)

Online agriculture information for Indian rural former who is not aware of latest technology and various crop deceases.
Former scan the crop disease, soil, etc and send it to residential scientist for quick help.


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