Thursday, April 22, 2010

VoiceTap connects you with experts to get answers

Voicetap is a platform that connects the knowledge seekers to the knowledge experts. To put it simply, Voicetap aims to solve all your queries by connecting you to the best available expert who can answer your queries.
You can make use of this service through your mobile phone or over the web through Gtalk or VOIP.
On Gtalk – you will have to add ’ Getafixx ( ’ on your buddy list. You can then describe your query to ’Getafixx’ which will then show the list of top 5 available experts. You can then choose to chat with one of those top 5 experts based on their profiles that will also be displayed to you, and they will help solve your knowledge query.
Using net telephony (Voice over IP) – you will have to install the Voicetap VoIP software from here. After installation, you can search the Voicetap database from the soft phone itself. Once the results are displayed to you in the soft phone – you just have to double click on the name / profile and Voicetap will connect you to the chosen expert, who will assist you with your knowledge query.
Voicetap was founded in March 2009 by Mrigank Tripathi, Devanshu Pandey and Vivek Khandelwal.

The idea was conceptualized by Mrigank, and it came to him when his niece wasn't able to find anyone to talk to,
who could tell her about the various options that exist for college. With more than 500 Million mobile subscribers in
India alone, the irony of the situation was not lost.

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