Thursday, May 13, 2010

yoyo nano

The Indian company Tata has revolutionized the automotive market by launching the Nano, a low-cost vehicle that was intended at first to meet the needs of Indian consumers.nano got quite nice outllok which can be restylised considering users taste. TATA nano goes well in with all kind of color and claddings.
yoyo nano is racing version of nano for youth people. Dual color scheam with modified headlamp area look neat an clean, what color of  are you?


  1. Hey Yogesh ..
    Greetings from Kathy.
    I appreciate what you are doing. I also aware of this cute little car called nano, my country news paper and several news channels were talking a lot about your great company making such a cheap car.
    But this looks different, much beautiful than the main car. Do you modify them by yourself only?
    This looks like a Smart car to me.. you are really smart to bring smart car look for such a cheap car.
    Oh, i so much like Dual colour.
    great to see the interesting post coming.

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  3. :D
    Hi yogesh, this is a very wonderful car.. looks like iron-man to me. haha
    will the headlight be good in such a small space? i like your readers :D

    abhishek :)

  4. dear abhi
    thin headlight will be achieved by HID lamp, though it still cosly will enhance the beauty of car.

  5. Dear Yogesh,
    Wow :D i think HID lamp would be so cool.. but what does HID means ..sounds like HIV to :D
    but cool concept.
    i like HID lamp too


  6. It is revolutionary just as Beetle but it lacks that cult features which make it run for a long time in Indian market.It has some of the great features but the real question is How the New Tata Nano Fares Against its Competitiors.

  7. very nice n cool design. are u doing this as a business

  8. Dear abhi,
    what will be the charges for modification.
    I am planning to modify my nano.
    Only front head lamp & bumper area,
    pleaes reply to my mail,