Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tamagotchi’s are those little egg shaped digital handheld pets ,it was japans hottest toy ever . You could feed it, play games with it, clean up its waste, check its age, discipline, hunger, and happiness levels. There were two generations of the Tamagotchi by the time the decade ended.

The Japanese story went like this:
“They are little alien creatures from Planet Tamagotchi, who crash landed on earth, and The Professor and his assistant Mikachu found them. The Professor built them little egg shaped protection cases so they could survive on earth, then Mikachu painted some, took them to school and started the Tamagotchi craze.”

people takes their Tamagotchi to school. And when they no longer permitted us to have them, they’d leave it home and make their mom to take care of it.
if you go by numbers it says,
Over 70,000,000 Tamagotchis have been sold world-wide as of 2008.
over 44 Tamagotchi versions released since their creation in 1996.

great toy indeed.

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