Monday, September 1, 2014

10 Other uses of motor bike.

1. Generate electricity
You need one suitable motor which will convert mechanical energy of rear wheel to electricity.

2. Lighting
You can use 35 watt of light bulb for lighting purpose with running engine.
You can also use motor bikes battery , In that case you have to use LED lights.

3. Knife sharpener
Roll sand paper strip on wheel as shown in picture.

4. Wood working lathe
You can run simple makeshift wooden lathe. In rural places people uses bicycle for this purpose.

5. Water bike
Two rubber tube connected with motor bike can enable you to ride on water. 

6. Agriculture
Motor bike can also be used in agriculture purpose, specially in ploughing operation.

7. Water Pump
Pump can be directly connected to rear wheel .

8. Measurement
Motor bike speedometer can be used for measuring distances (suitable for long distances)
If you need accurate and small distance measurement then stick one small bright patch on wheel and count number of rotations. 3.14 x Dia of wheel x No of rotation will give you exact length.

9.  Run washing machine
In washing machine washing drum is driven by pulley underneath. You can connect this with  motor bikes rear wheel rim.

10. Grass cutter
Simple attachment can turn motor bike to very efficient grass cutting machine.

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