Saturday, April 7, 2012

Designing for video and broadcast industry

Video and Broadcast industry one of specific requirement is to reduce learning time of operator or editor
All devices available are very complex and requires experienced person to work on it.secondary market like small video and broadcast  editing solution provider They require very specific kind of product with limited capability yet this system should be compact , rugged and easy to operate
Generally This kind of system takes input from multiple video camera and live editing and switching is done .
The challenges to design this kind of system are
1.To maintain the video quality throughout  the editing
2.Time lag reduction to acceptable range
3.Access ease and easy to learn.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Two wheeler needs shade

In India large number of population uses two wheeler for transportation. it has been experienced huge discomfort driving two wheeler in rainy season or scorching summer season. one of effort was made by BMW
c1 toward solving this problem, the first version c1 was quite hit because of novelty value though second version of it wasn't able to impress the consumer.
one of major issue involves with enclosed two wheeler is safety and usability. Making safe design accounting mishap is a huge task.
Rain protection in possible only if it is fully enclosed but you have to keep provision for leg support on both side also this protection has to be fully dynamically stable at least till 35 kmph to be acceptable.
some of tried version of enclosed two wheeler has side support wheel to provide stability while slow speed.
but these are extremely expensive arrangement ,lets see how much indian consumer can shell out for similar solution.
cost of indian two wheeler- 35000 to 120000 INR
four wheeler price-              150000 to ...above
second hand four wheeler     80000 to above
by seeing above data i can easily say one can not be able to shell out more than 20000 INR.
solving this one need to look whole spectrum of problem , legality, safety ,usability then only it is possible to satisfy consumer

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lamina- smart way to carry credit cards and cash

LAMINA is design effort to create safe and beautiful way to carry credit card and cash.
Leather purse are unhygienic and gets dirty due to moisture and prolonged use. It has been often seen that credit cards gets damaged because of lather purse bending.
Data theft from RFID cards are one of the most problem area, our unique overlapping design of LAMINA is beautiful, compact and usable. Data theft or "skimming" from smart cards and credit cards will be harder from LAMINA.

Laser cutting on Pre tempered grade aluminium alloy sheet and anodised later to form LAMINA.
Each LAMINA is designed for holding four credit cards in it, four side of LAMINA has single slot to allow card insertion. Unique overlapping design makes it very compact and slim.
Card can be easily identified and removed from visible notch area. Slot tolerances inside case grip the card and doesn’t allow accidental removal of cards. Elastic band wraparound Lamina which holds visiting cards and cash.
LAMINA can easily slip in most of the purse as well.So if you to use it with your existing leather wallet can


LAMINA creates enough interference that the RFID transponder kept inside the wallet cannot successfully communicate with a reader outside the wallet. In this case, Anodized aluminium sheets of LAMINA effectively absorb and reflect the energy coming from a reader device trying to activate an RFID transponder inside.

Pre tempered grade aluminium alloy commonly known as aircraft grade is used for LAMINA which effectively block RFID Scanning.
RFID blocking/Skim safe
Its Hygienic way to carry credit cards and cash
Prevents credit cards from physical damage
Easy access and identification of cards
Elegant design